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Who Really “Likes” You?

Just how valuable is the “like” for organizations and companies? Sheer numbers have no value if people are endorsing a web site because they “like” or have an af

filiation with the non profit service the company is promising to support for that one little click.

I work for a non profit. And, I would never turn away monetary support in this this day and age, especially if t

he company or individual has a good reputation in the community. So the non profit is not to blame…the company offering support for likes…just to bolster their social media status for whatever reason seems to me to be a bit unethical. If a company comes to me and says we have a quarter of a million likes on our Facebook page and they offer excellent content and services that’s great and should be lauded and leveraged because of the hard work that went into building that following. But, if a company got to that number because they rode on the back of a non pr

ofit service that helps people or animals in need…that just seems parasitic. The practice devalues the “like” and lays the ground work for arguments that social media is all smoke and mirrors and is not worth the time or effort of the public. What do you think?