How Can I Help You?

Media & Public Relations

It’s more than just a press release, email or Facebook update, its about a relationship. Radio, Television and Newspapers are going through an evolutionary period. The internet, marketing communications and social business are the new buzz words. In reality, it’s all a means to the same end. It’s about building relationships and getting information in front potential clients and doing it cost effectively. I have been creating radio, television and digital content for more than two decades. I know how the media works and thinks. I speak their language, I can anticipate and work around their hurdles and establish the relationships that result in buy in. Can I put that knowledge to work for you?

Corporate Communications

What is it, really? It’s communications leadership for your company. There are many “tribes” in your organization: employees, stakeholders, shareholders, channel partners, government and the media. Each believes their tribe is the most important aspect to the operation and success of the organization. Great corporate communication builds on that premise and makes believers in the company into fanatics. Take a look at Apple, Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks. For the Carrier Corporation, I produced BEAM Television, a satellite/internet based interactive network of programs that brought product manager and distribution chain together. The result: proud employees who shared their creation with frontline sales people who now had a connection to R & D and an intimate knowledge of what they were selling. This resulted in a universal buy in by both “tribes”.

Sales & Marketing Communications

Sealing the deal. Business is about building a relationship with a person who feels they will benefit by using your product or service. A successful business uses information to secure that relationship. It could be an informative sales clerk or a useful website, newsletter, video, blog or a micro-blog. The purpose of marketing communication is to provide information to your target audience in a way that encourages a positive response. If the potential customer is already a firm believer in the product and service you provide because of that information, sales is almost a certainty. When I worked as communications director for the Zoo, we had a deal worked out with the two local newspapers to provide a short article and picture every week about one of the animals at the zoo. The articles never promoted a zoo event or attraction. What it did is peaked interest in our animals, it revealed the back story about the zoo’s commitment to conservation and it established the zoo’s staff as scientists studying endangered animals. The articles informed the community, the zoo became a point of pride for the community and the articles proved the zoo was much more than a nice park with caged animals.

Blogging & Podcasting

It doesn’t matter how big or small your organization, blogging, podcasting and micro-blogging (Twitter) are the best ways to market your products and services, position your organization and establish your company’s credibility in the community. The world has changed and these solutions are long term and cost effective. Where else can you get into a one to one conversation concerning your business with an end user? The only other place is your store or office. As a newscast producer I was responsible for updating the current news blog and uploading video news stories on the station’s web site. Both delivered a double punch for the station. The blogs and video pushed people to watch the televised newscast. Secondly, the platform established the operation as being a focused, reliable and professional news gathering source for the community.

Radio & Television

In the new world order of e-marketing, the internet and the decline of “traditional media” why mention television and radio? If  I may use a great quote: “Bring the past only if you are going to build from it.” ~Doménico Cieri Estrada. The lessons learned, the mistakes as well as the best practices from newspapers, radio and television are what we build on in this new era. And, its really new. The social networking site known as “Twitter” was created in 2006! Google is only a little over ten years old. I have been fortunate over the years to work in very creative environments. It’s with gratitude that I look upon those owners and managers that allowed me to stretch myself creatively. That support resulted in many awards and honors for my work in radio and television, which include: The New York State Broadcasters Association’s “Outstanding Documentary” award and the Associated Press’ Award for best radio feature.


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