NYTimes Reports Foxconn To Make Change

Apple Supplier in China Pledges Changes After Report Cites Violations

Foxconn, which manufactures electronics for such companies as Apple, Dell, Amazon and others, has pledged to sharply curtail the number of working hours within its Chinese factories and significantly increase wages.

The moves come after a wide-ranging inspection by the Fair Labor Association, a monitoring group, found widespread problems — including numerous instances where Foxconn violated Chinese law and industry codes of conduct by having employees work more than 60 hours a week, sometimes for more than 11 days in a row.


Microsoft’s Bad Move

Microsoft Banning Corporate Purchasing of Apple Products

Couple of things about this new policy:
1. Apparently Microsoft Marketing has been buying such a dizzying about of Macs & iPads that Corporate had to clamp down. I guess the company’s marketing team does not practice what it preaches.

2.Microsoft being an engineering firm says; screw you marketing…we are the only ones who should be buying the good stuff!