The Cost of Loving MPU


As Mac Power Users celebrates it 300th episode let this blog serve as a warning to new MPU’ers ! I figure my MPU Loss Index or MPULI is somewhere around $3000 to $4000 dollars. I would truly be in the stratosphere of MPULI if it wasn’t for my wife. She has kept me from purchasing an iMac Retina, iPad Pro and Apple Watch in the last year alone thus saving us thousands of dollars.

(David be forewarned we travel to Orange county at least once a year. We also travel to Orlando once a year as well Katie…so should we ever meet I may reference you guys as old broadcasting friends. Please don’t mention the podcast as you may be putting yourself in danger.)

I have been listening since the first year…but I would like to know who might have a higher MPULI than me (or a more ticked off wife)…thanks to your many Apple and software recommendations. By the way, Katie is in less trouble than David when it comes to Apple or software recommendations, as she tends to be a bit more conservative. One more thing …David, How do you get Daisy to go along with all your purchases? Share the secret…

Anyway happy 300! Show this to your sponsors if you think it will help.