A Bridge

For those of us stuck in the limbo world between Apple at home and Windows at work I offer help with workflows with Resoph notes, http://www.resoph.com/ResophNotes/Welcome.html . The text program syncs up nicely to Simplenote which in turn syncs up to NVAlt. This way information is shared on all devices from PC to iOS devices to iMac…

This little hack? I don’t know if it’s a bone fide hack but this trick really helps bridge both worlds. I have given up the fight of trying to “turn” the IT department from the dark side of Microsoft. And, while I never bought any Windows for Mac software stories from the Internet indicate that the programs really don’t work all that well. Plus they are to expensive to maybe work. So I have decided to try and come up with as many hacks and workflows that I can that bridge the worlds.

If you are in the same spot and know of any tricks please share them. I’m sure I’m not the only corporate stooge dealing with this problem.



And one more thing…

Horace Dediu’s post “Building and dismantling the Windows advantage” offers a great explanation of what happened to Microsoft’s dominant market position. May I offer one more reason why many people may have turned to Apple after the turn of the century? And, I propose this as just one of many reasons but a reason none the less…The Apple store. Non-nerds feel comfortable buying a computer knowing that if something goes wrong or if they have a question they can drop off their i-device to a genius and say “fix it”! The Apple store also was built and is run to serve its customers not just to sell stuff. That, I believe is a great advantage to the millions of people who are computer users and not hobbyists.

Is Apple “pulling some strings”?

John Gruber offers an excellent post on why Microsoft decided to unveil it’s own tablet this week. If I could throw another log onto the fire of his argument why Microsoft has shifted it’s mission of just offering software products to now shipping (at some point) hardware too.

My argument starts back last October when Apple announced it’s “cutting the cord” on it’s handheld products and eliminating the need for a Mac or PC. How many people own iPods, iPhones and iPads and run iTunes on a Windows platform? The cord cutting and iCloud product announcement outmoded the PC… If Microsoft wants a piece of the consumer market this week’s move makes perfect business sense.

One more thing. If you consider Apple’s move in creating its own maps app and eliminating the need for Google maps, down playing Google search and the results of cutting the cord has taken with Microsoft’s Surface and the expected Google tablet its like the end of the Godfather. When Michael Corleone has all of his rivals killed. Killed might be over the top for this example but there is a certain amount of gangster cool to Apple’s moves. I don’t really know if all this was part of a three year plan Steve Jobs can take credit in designing or if it’s Tim Cook showing his leadership direction and skills but Apple seems to be taking care of all the family business by quietly eliminating the need for other products…

Chrome polishes off Explorer

From TNW: “Google Chrome has been long expected to leapfrog Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) to take its position as the Web’s most used browser and, according to data from Statcounter, the momentous change of leadership happened last week.” 

How does the largest software maker in the world let this happen?

Poor leadership?  Wake up Microsoft Board…

Microsoft’s Bad Move

Microsoft Banning Corporate Purchasing of Apple Products

Couple of things about this new policy:
1. Apparently Microsoft Marketing has been buying such a dizzying about of Macs & iPads that Corporate had to clamp down. I guess the company’s marketing team does not practice what it preaches.

2.Microsoft being an engineering firm says; screw you marketing…we are the only ones who should be buying the good stuff!