Apple takes a licking but still keeps on…

Forbes’ Nigam Arora  on Thursday fired off a potshot at Apple:

One theory is that Apple is acting out of desperation.  Tim Cook has been talking about innovation but not many seem to believe him.  At Goldman’s conference, Tim Cook said that innovation culture at Apple has never been stronger. Perhaps Apple leaked details of iWatch to put some meat on the statement by Cook. The other theory is that Apple found out about a watch-like product that Samsung is working on.

This is silliness. Why would a company as profitable worry about a product that has nothing to do with its core offering. If Apple is working on an iWatch it will be an iPod that is tied to the iPhone. A side product – like Apple TV – or a remote device that directs other Apple products in youDahomey environment. If there is any difference in Apple operations it’s with the leadership team. With the death of Steve Jobs the company clearly has lost it’s best Product Manager. The Maps debacle would have never happened and iPad 3 would never have been released.


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