Looking for a Make-good


I love podcasts. I truly love tech podcasts. Being a broadcaster for more than thirty years I really appreciate the efforts of those people who gather in front of a microphone to inform and entertain us. Consider this, many of these podcasters have little or no broadcasting experience at all. There efforts are successful in two ways. I religiously listen each week to them and if you look at my phone or pad you will clearly see their efforts to sell apps and products have been fruitful.

I started to write this blog a year ago. As with most of my blogs I fail to publish on the grounds of I don’t want to come off as being too negative or out of bounds. I feel this little podcasting problem has gone far enough. I hope you take my advice and recommendation to heart. Podcast producers limit your advertisements to 30 or 60 seconds. On a tech podcast that I truly cannot wait until it hits the internet, one advertising message this week ran 4:30! I stopped timing it thinking it was over when the guest chimed in for at least another :30 seconds. I don’t complain about the length of the programs…say around 90 minutes…but if you have 3 advertisers that’s 15 minutes you could have saved your listeners. Remember it’s your time and it’s worth something. So don’t throw it away. Timed advertisements also open the door for more advertiser opportunity. Some companies may buy into an inexpensive thirty as opposed to a sixty.

Another recommendation: have one host do the spot and only one host. Bringing in more comments extends the time of the advertisement. Guests should never, never, really never comment on advertisers. Never. I cannot tell you how deep of a rathole that takes the podcast into. Plus…it doesn’t seem right. Guests were invited because of the expertise or talent they have. No one expects a guest on any interview show to turn around to the host after a commercial and say “Hey Jimmy, I love my pocket fisherman!”

I’m not saying you have to time these down to the millisecond or that they have to be TV slick. But if I know I can make a sandwich, take the dog out and wash my car while you wax on about some app….I just might forget I was listening to the podcast in the first place.