That New Apple Smell

I’m in half-year heaven. All of the stars, planets and wayward asteroids must have lined up before hurtling themselves toward the Earth…I now have an iPhone 5 and a new iPad mini. Okay the iMac is nearly 4 years old but (knock on wood) it’s still running like a top.

So what is this six month reprieve? I figure that we Apple people have about a half a year before we have the overwhelming need to perform an “un-boxing”. It’s a half year of heaven before the newer better operating system or amazing new feature arrives. In this extraordinary period of of time Apple end-users are on top of the digital world.

Fan boys and pundits recently have been running at the mouth at how Apple will unveil just little advances because all the big Jobsonian events just won’t happen anymore. Well, if that’s the case then so be it. It also means I will be spending more time on Mount Digital-Don’t-Wish-You-Had! Seriously I had been in a dry spell since iPad first generation. So I truly hope this feeling sticks around a while.

What if the pundits are wrong…that’s okay…the next 6(?) months will be like a Florida vacation in February.


Dear Andy & Santa

Andy Ihnatko has some interesting thoughts concerning the iPad Mini and its supposed announcement in October. He states his concerns that if such a major announcement is coming he has yet to see any signs of it. Check it out:

Andy, two things to think about…Timmy is going “double-down” on the secrecy thing. And, why blow sales on the iPad pre-Christmas? The iPad mini is the perfect size for a stocking stuffer (hint-hint-wink-wink) and it’s supposedly is so much cheaper than it’s big brother.

The announcement has to come in a couple of weeks. I’ve already DM-ed Santa and the mini is on the list!