Apple could plan a MacBook Air makeover, data shows

Nice idea. But what about battery life?


A Bridge

For those of us stuck in the limbo world between Apple at home and Windows at work I offer help with workflows with Resoph notes, . The text program syncs up nicely to Simplenote which in turn syncs up to NVAlt. This way information is shared on all devices from PC to iOS devices to iMac…

This little hack? I don’t know if it’s a bone fide hack but this trick really helps bridge both worlds. I have given up the fight of trying to “turn” the IT department from the dark side of Microsoft. And, while I never bought any Windows for Mac software stories from the Internet indicate that the programs really don’t work all that well. Plus they are to expensive to maybe work. So I have decided to try and come up with as many hacks and workflows that I can that bridge the worlds.

If you are in the same spot and know of any tricks please share them. I’m sure I’m not the only corporate stooge dealing with this problem.


Apple takes a licking but still keeps on…

Forbes’ Nigam Arora  on Thursday fired off a potshot at Apple:

One theory is that Apple is acting out of desperation.  Tim Cook has been talking about innovation but not many seem to believe him.  At Goldman’s conference, Tim Cook said that innovation culture at Apple has never been stronger. Perhaps Apple leaked details of iWatch to put some meat on the statement by Cook. The other theory is that Apple found out about a watch-like product that Samsung is working on.

This is silliness. Why would a company as profitable worry about a product that has nothing to do with its core offering. If Apple is working on an iWatch it will be an iPod that is tied to the iPhone. A side product – like Apple TV – or a remote device that directs other Apple products in youDahomey environment. If there is any difference in Apple operations it’s with the leadership team. With the death of Steve Jobs the company clearly has lost it’s best Product Manager. The Maps debacle would have never happened and iPad 3 would never have been released.

That New Apple Smell

I’m in half-year heaven. All of the stars, planets and wayward asteroids must have lined up before hurtling themselves toward the Earth…I now have an iPhone 5 and a new iPad mini. Okay the iMac is nearly 4 years old but (knock on wood) it’s still running like a top.

So what is this six month reprieve? I figure that we Apple people have about a half a year before we have the overwhelming need to perform an “un-boxing”. It’s a half year of heaven before the newer better operating system or amazing new feature arrives. In this extraordinary period of of time Apple end-users are on top of the digital world.

Fan boys and pundits recently have been running at the mouth at how Apple will unveil just little advances because all the big Jobsonian events just won’t happen anymore. Well, if that’s the case then so be it. It also means I will be spending more time on Mount Digital-Don’t-Wish-You-Had! Seriously I had been in a dry spell since iPad first generation. So I truly hope this feeling sticks around a while.

What if the pundits are wrong…that’s okay…the next 6(?) months will be like a Florida vacation in February.

Change the name of Newhouse

Post Standard


If the S. I. Newhouse School of Communications is one of the premier journalism schools in the country it should change its name. The Newhouse company – Advance Publications- is anything but premier.


Newhouse the newspaper company like any other company can make mistakes. But these people are beyond mistakes. First, for 12 years they denied that a digital revolution was taking place in their industry. Instead of embracing the change and looking for ways to be innovative they buried their heads in the sand and waited for the fad to go away. It didn’t. So now the newspaper in Syracuse, New York will be published on a limited basis during the week. They have taken back their digital property, Syracuse.Com after years of neglect in the hope of salvaging something. And…wait for it…here comes the biggest mistake. They essentially laid off, fire, let go, eliminate, pink slip, forced retire, awe…let’s just call the kettle black here…tossed away their most experienced journalists, the people we have been reading and depending on for years so they can rehire them at a lower rate or hire cheaper, “Syracuse is just a stepping stone” S. I. Newhouse grads to write, shoot (pictures) and upload to Syracuse.Com.


I’ll be kind. It’s hard to predict and understand change when it’s happening. For what   some 70 years now the Post Standard has been building a relationship with the community through it’s reporters and editors. In 2012 this company decided that Dick Case, Mark Bialczak, Maureen Nolan, Gloria Wright and the list goes on and on just didn’t matter. Hell anyone can write 10 inches of copy…right?


A few years ago my wife and I unsubscribed to the Post Standard. We both were getting the paper at work so the home delivery never made it past the recycling bin. Reluctantly we called the Post to unsubscribe. We were hoping the perky young girl on the other end of the phone would have tried to offer a deal; ”Sunday’s Free” or something so we can stop what we were going to do.


She just said all perky “No problem…thank you bah-buy.”


As January 31, 2013 comes ever closer with all the big changes I think I’ll bury my head in the sand and wait for all this to end. You know all I can say is…”Thank you and bah-buy!”